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"CLTC taught me how to take a product that my client didn’t think he needed, and turn it into something he couldn’t live without."

- J.F. - The Guardian

"Before taking the CLTC course I had never sold an LTC insurance policy. In the 6 months after my training I wrote 30 apps and now include a discussion of LTC planning with every client."

- R.F. - Allstate

— Overview —

Our on-line version of the Certification in Long Term Care (CLTC) program offers a multi-media experience that makes you feel as if you are sitting in one of our live CLTC classes with Harley Gordon. However, you have the added benefit of having total control of where and when you take the course, at a discounted rate.

The CLTC program was developed to give financial professionals the confidence and competence to talk to clients about the subject of long-term care planning. This program is considered the best sales-focused long term care training in the industry and provides continuing education credit along with an accredited designation to increase your credibility in this market.

NOTE – This program also includes facilitator-led training resources to enable a sales manager or long term care specialist to conduct live classroom training or to be used in a study group format.