Over the past 30 years, one of the primary strengths of the Hoopis Financial Group has been the ability to successfully implement training and development systems. This is proven through the fact that the Hoopis Financial Group has ranked number one in the system in regards to the Platinum Report since its inception – the ability to get advisors to the fifth year in the business. Getting new recruits off to a fast start and retaining them as career advisors should be one of the primary objectives of the organization. This program is designed for that purpose.

- To provide leadership teams with insights, tools and strategies to help them take their training and development systems to the next level.
- To create alignment among leadership teams regarding supervision systems that impact productivity and retention.
- To develop a comprehensive training and development plan that can be packaged to attract high quality recruits.

- Receive knowledge and insights from Harry Hoopis and members of his leadership team through an interactive workshop format.
- Formal debrief of the key learning objectives following each session in addition to a question and answer segment.
- Assessment of what each firm should continue, stop and start doing based on insights they have received (culminating into a formal Execution Plan).

- Participants will assess their existing training and development systems to determine strengths as well as areas of opportunity.
- The creation of a tactical plan of action that will have a direct impact on productivity and retention.
- An execution strategy to increase accountability and create alignment throughout the leadership team in regards to training and development.

NOTE – This program also features dinner at Harry Hoopis’ home as well as a series of follow-up Teleconference Call to reinforce key learning objectives.