Adversity Quotient (AQ®)

the Gold Standard of assessments and personal growth

Hoopis Performance Network Exclusive—Discover the #1 predictor of success. Gauge where you are now. And learn how you can upgrade, or improve. Invest 8 minutes to become measurably more resilient and effective.

Beyond IQ or EQ, your AQ®, or Adversity Quotient® is what fuels your ascent. Groundbreaking, award-winning research over the past 35 years reveals AQ is the most robust
perseverance, attrition, health, promotion, agility, optimism, innovation, resilience, grit, entrepreneurial success, and more.

Harvard Business School uses AQ in its Executive Education and MBA programs. The newest entrepreneurship program at MIT uses AQ as its foundation.

More than one million people in 63 countries have assessed and improved their AQs. AQ is used by the biggest players in our industry to equip their people to win. It is the Gold Standard of assessments and personal growth.

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Special Hoopis Network Price - $95
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(You receive a full, comprehensive PDF report and personalized video feedback, from Dr. Paul G. Stoltz, creator of the AQ theory and method)