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Assessment tools and profiles provide objective feedback that can help you and your leadership team make more informed decisions and improve overall performance. The Hoopis Performance Network provides easy access to LIMRA validated assessment tools and profiles that are used in top performing organizations throughout the world.

Adversity Quotient (AQ)

Hoopis Performance Network Exclusive—Discover the #1 predictor of success. Gauge where you are now. And learn how you can upgrade, or improve. Invest 8 minutes to become measurably more resilient and effective.

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Adversity Quotient Adversity Quotient

Sales Booster

…is a sales development tool based on the premise that all producers have the potential to become even more successful than they are today. Over 25 years of research and consulting experience have revealed that outstanding producers are distinguished by how they think. Sales Booster is designed to help your producers align their thinking with their sales objectives, as well as uncover tendencies that may unknowingly prevent them from achieving even better results.

Sales Booster Sales Booster


Career Profile+®

Backed by 70 years of research, the Career Profile+® is the most extensively validated tool for predicting success in insurance and financial services sales. Using it early in the process helps you focus your recruitment efforts on candidates with the best chance for success during that difficult first year in the business.



Career Profile  Career Profile 



Help sales reps find early career success through their natural market. MarketMatch™ is a Web-based exercise that calculates the quality of each candidate's natural market and generates a prioritized list of their prospects so they can get off to a fast start and build a foundation for success.


MarketMatch MarketMatch


Performance Skills™

…is two pre-employment tests in one. It helps improve agency operations by identifying people with the ability to pass life and health insurance, property/casualty insurance, and FINRA exams. It also provides you with training advice based on each candidate's primary learning style.



Performance Skills Performance Skills 


Personality Styles Profile

…helps you select and develop the best people based on their style. It measures key personality components of sales performance, such as Achievement Orientation, Self Confidence, Leadership, Persuasiveness, Persistence, and Concern for Others. These individual component scores are then analyzed to describe the candidate in terms of three fundamental sales styles.


 Personality Styles Profile Personality Styles Profile



Superior customer service starts with hiring people who enjoy fulfilling clients' needs. ServiceFirst™ will help you do just that by assessing each candidate's service abilities. It provides you with key interview questions and coaching tips to help you select and develop candidates who will keep your customers happy and doing business with your company.


Service First  Service First