Brandon Phipps | Videographer

Brandon is a young videographer and Illinois native that has been working for years to put his passion for storytelling onto screens large and small. Since starting at Hoopis Performance Network, he has found an engaging and stimulating environment that fits his creativity and drive for constant improvement.

Brandon fills his free time with all sorts of hobbies, most of which can be enhanced by his love of filmmaking and allow him to grow professionally even when having fun. He frequently plays guitar and drums with his friends and family, Ultimate frisbee with an assortment of groups and leagues, and also directs short films and music videos. Brandon's education focused heavily on narrative film, so even his smallest projects are as cinematic as he can make them.

Favorite Movies: The Prestige, Accepted, (500) Days Of Summer, Silver Linings Playbook
Favorite Shows: Scrubs, Lie To Me, The Walking Dead, Breaking Bad
Favorite Quote: "Man's reality is bound by his limited perception of it" -Masashi Kishimoto (rough translation)