Trustworthy Selling is a sales effectiveness program delivered in a facilitator-led format.

It equips producers with the awareness and skills needed to break down the barriers consumers have built as a result of preoccupation and lack of trust.
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Trustworthy Selling is a, facilitator-led, web-based curriculum that is a breakthrough approach to increasing productivity and retention. It was developed by the Hoopis Performance Network and LIMRA International to help financial professionals improve sales communication skills and develop a better knowledge of sales psychology. Offering in-depth insight into consumer behavior, buyer/seller psychology, and top producer sales skills, this program provides an unparalleled approach to successful selling.

The program is composed of 10 facilitator-led modules that use the latest multimedia technology, such as action-oriented planning tools and follow-up coaching, to create a highly interactive participant experience.

In addition, Trustworthy Selling teaches effective communication techniques practiced by the industry's top professinals that will help your produers:
  • Understand buyer psychology and choice architecture to gain a competitive edge
  • Adapt their selling style to move consumers to action
  • Focus on the collaborative discovery process, which fosters trust and reduces tension
  • Align with the mindset of consumers by using time-tested relationship skills
  • Think like consumers, feel like consumers, bridge the trust gap, and improve sales