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"CLTC taught me how to take a product that my client didn’t think he needed, and turn it into something he couldn’t live without."

- J.F. - The Guardian

"Before taking the CLTC course I had never sold an LTC insurance policy. In the 6 months after my training I wrote 30 apps and now include a discussion of LTC planning with every client."

- R.F. - Allstate

— Curriculum —

The same Certified in Long-Term Care program that has literally changed the way professionals think about and present long-term care insurance is now available on-line, in a state of the art E-Learning format!

CLTC eLearning re-creates the live 2-day CLTC class immersion experience in an on-demand format that includes 13 learning
modules recorded in a live, interactive audience that’s so realistic it feels like you’re participating.

Each Long Term Care Training Module Contains:
  • A 35-55 minute video of the live CLTC Master Class
  • A Power Point supporting the video
  • Learning Objectives to keep you laser focused on key points
  • Assessment Quizzes to better prepare you for the final examination
  • An online participant handbook that can be used for notes and scripting
Best of all, you have Total Control of where and when you take the course!

Here’s What You Will Learn:
  • The exclusive CLTC philosophy of how to engage clients in a discussion about long-term care that completely eliminates the debilitating objections that your your current presentation creates
  • How to create a plan to protect your client’s family from the emotional, physical and financial consequences providing care would have on them
  • How to position long-term care insurance as an essential tool that funds the plan
  • How to overcome every financing objection such as, self-funding, (with an emphasis on the affluent), Medicare, Medicaid and the VA
  • Selling scenarios and case studies that give you the tools you need to immediately increase production
The tuition covers:
  • Access to the eLearning course
  • An on-line Partcipant Handbook*
  • Examination fee
  • One full year of CLTC graduate benefits
The registration fee covers:
  • The filing and fees for CE for your resident state*
*A hard copy of the course handbook can be purchased for $25.00