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"CLTC taught me how to take a product that my client didn’t think he needed, and turn it into something he couldn’t live without."

- J.F. - The Guardian

"Before taking the CLTC course I had never sold an LTC insurance policy. In the 6 months after my training I wrote 30 apps and now include a discussion of LTC planning with every client."

- R.F. - Allstate

— Examination Process —

The following examination process is governed by the CLTC Board of Standards, Inc.

The certification exam is comprised of 100 multiple choice questions and is accessible on-line by the student. All exams must be “proctored” according to state regulations, but you still have total control of where and when you take the exam.
  • State Insurance CE: 8-15 credits (depending on state)
  • CFP/PACE credits**: 8-25 credits (filing fee extra)
**CFP and PACE credits can be purchased for $25.00

Four simple steps:
  1. Review and adhere to the Examination Guidelines
  2. Find and identify a “Proctor”
  3. Complete Proctor application form
  4. Upon completing the Exam submit Proctor Affidavit and application to Insurance Study

Eligible Proctors must be “…independent, professional and third party”*.

Examples of Eligible Proctors include:
  1. Professional proctors; Temporary employment agencies
  2. Business professionals: accountant, attorney, financial advisor, property/casualty agent, real estate agent, etc.
  3. State approved CE instructors or proctors
  4. Notary publics; librarians
  5. Substitute teachers
Examples of ineligible proctors include:
  1. Spouses
  2. Relatives

*Third party means the professional proctor or proctoring organization may not have any direct personal or business relationship that would create or be perceived to create a conflict of interest with the student, student’s local agency, the student’s sponsoring carrier, The CLTC Board of Standards or the Corporation for Long-Term Care Certification, Inc. (CLTCC) other than as a vendor to the Board or Corporation to provide professional exam proctoring.”

If you have questions or experience difficulty with the CLTC exam please call:
Insurance Study at 866-339-3900.

CLTC Exam Proctor  Guidelines & Procedures
CLTC Exam Proctor
Guidelines & Procedures
Affidavit of CLTC
Affidavit of CLTC
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