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The Power of Why featuring Randy Taylor

Tuesday, November 11, 2014
12:00 PM CDT
1:00 PM CDT

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In this seminar “The Power of Why” Randy Taylor will reveal two of the key components essential to the development of sustained growth and success in business today. His approach to the necessary behavioral shift along with a unique approach to the presentation of services to the marketplace is truly extraordinary. Through a well laid out philosophy to the action steps to implement the philosophy in day-to-day life audiences will be armed with creative and powerful tools to begin making substantial changes in the short term. The Power of Why is a cornerstone philosophy utilized in senior sales coaching program “Breakthrough Coach”. Topics included:

  • Discovering your why-the fuel of advanced activity

  • Identifying and overcoming negative behavior

  • The ‘why’ approach of business

  • Relationship power of presentation

  • The emotional connection to new business

  • The mechanism to stop stopping

Randy Taylor