Practice Management

Robert J. Chiron, PhD


The Evaluation Interview

The Evaluation Interview has been the essential interviewer's guidebook for more than 40 years. Its hands-on techniques and interviewing insights are renowned for helping sales managers put applicants at ease and reveal their true character. These tools and techniques are being applied in high productivity organizations throughout the industry to enhance their ability to attract and select top performers.

• Softcover: 300 pages
• Publisher: McGraw-Hill 5th ed.
(May, 2002)
• Price: $34.95 + S/H

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Gina Pellegrini


The Appointment Scheduler

Are you in front of the right people at the right time? Do you have a regular stream of prospects and top-notch clients? Is most of your time spent generating income? Does your marketing assistant help grow the business?

If you answered no to any of these questions, The Appointment Scheduler is for you! It provides systems, strategies, and phone scripts to turn time into money.

Aimed at advisors and marketing assistants, The Appointment Scheduler has a straightforward message: by working your existing client base, you can increase referrals, appointments, and revenue. Marketing assistants can master the scheduling process with the help of the book's telephoning tips and techniques.

The Appointment Scheduler covers:

* Organizing your client base
* Converting service calls into opportunities
* Delegation of phone calls
* Consistency in scheduling
* Overcoming objections
* Getting past gatekeepers
* Telephone scripts - and MORE!

Find out how to improve client relations and profits -- one call at a time!

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 The Personnel Package

Gina Pellegrini walks you through the hiring process from start to finish. The CD and comprehensive resource guide contain everything you need to find the right administrative support. Learn how to:

* Develop job descriptions
* Define compensation packages and benefits
* Create want ads
* Prescreen and interview candidates
* Conduct skill testing
* Check references and extend a job offer
* Identify training process
* Evaluate job performance -- and MORE!

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 Let Go & Lead!

Let Go & Lead! looks at ingrained habits that can slow down even the most successful business owner. In a clear, matter-of-fact style, Gina encourages you to say goodbye to rigid control and micromanagement. After reading this book, you'll achieve:

* A better understanding of your management style
* Real communication and cooperation with your employees
* A clear vision of where you're going as a business and a team
* Efficient delegation and true accountability
* Trust in your employees and their capabilities
* Leadership to take your business to the next level

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 The Power of Two

Written for agents and assistants, this concise, easy-to-read book explains how to develop an effective business team. Topics include:

* Communication
* Compensation
* Employment guidelines
* Systems
* Goals
* Telephoning for appointments

People working together toward a common goal -- that's the definition of teamwork and the formula for success. The Power of Two shows how a strong team can improve business.

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Sabine Robinson


Quick! The Cement is Drying: 101 Bits of Wisdom

Quick! The Cement is Drying organizes an entire career's worth of wisdom into an easy-to-read format designed to inspire and inform. Each of the 101 essays contains a fundamental truth about the business that can be read and applied to real-world challenges in just minutes.

• Softcover: 119 pages
• Publisher: Ogunquit Press (2004)
• Price: $14.95 S/H

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